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Creating Financial freedom for yourself creates generational wealth for your children. Let’s build your legacy

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We will provide you with clear communication and updates every step of the way. We will also provide you with realistic time frames. We do not guarantee specific results or make outlandish promises. Your Majesty Financial is a company you can trust to have your best interests at heart. We are proud of the positive impact we will have on families and our whole community. Here you are not just a client, you become apart of my financial family as well as my success story.
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Our Services

Access To Your Case Status and Updated Information – 24 Hours A Day / 7 Days A Week. Via Your Client Portal.​​

An Experienced Case Analyst And Case Advisor Working Personally With You Throughout The Process.

Personalized Dispute Options To Fit Your Exact Credit Repair Needs.

Custom Dispute Letters Submitted On Your Behalf.

Did you know the inheritance of valuable assets such as homes, business and land acquired by the positive financial choices you make today can create a better life for your whole family for centuries to come.

Let Set Some Goals

Stop renting become a home owner.

After you become a home owner you have the option to build equity inside your home.

Once you have acquire equity in your home you can then apply for a HELOC (Home equity line of credit)

Once you have a HELOC which is a type of revolving line of credit that increases your buying power.

Get more with less when making large purchases like that new car you’ve been wanting. A lower interest rate can save you thousands of dollars and allow you to be able to afford what you want instead of what you have to settle for.

A better credit score could open all the right doors.

We assist with

Financial literacy, credit counseling, and a plethora of better credit solutions. Book a consultation with us today!

Average Client's Credit Score Increase in 6 months:

60 points
Average Score Increase in 35 days:
10 points or more 93%

20 points or more 71%

50 points or more 25%

100 points or more 15%

Average Score Increase in 90 days:
10 points or more 97%

20 points or more 82%

50 points or more 40%

100 points or more 25%
Our 100% Guarantee, Cancellation and Return Policy:

You are entitled to a 100% refund on all monthly payments , if:
You do not remove more than 25% of all the negatives worked on.
You have had six months from the time you retain our services.
You have at least four negatives on the credit report at the time of sign-up.
You have not used a credit-consulting agency nor attempted to repair your credit two years previous to signing up for our services.
You agree to send updated reports from the three credit bureaus to us within 5 days of receipt.
You should receive updated credit reports every 15-45 days and make us aware if updated reports have not been received.

You may cancel services at any time. Please notify us in writing 7 days before the next billing period

We offer mobile notary services. To schedule an appointment_
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